Our external api solution makes utilizing data a piece of cake.

How APICAKE do for Clients

What We Do

we turn raw and messy data into clean, digestible, manipulative data


Better Data Access

One stop service with multiple external APIs allow you to access more data easily.

Handy Permission Manage

To create organization and manage access privileges among members efficiently.

Deep Insights through Predictions

Our powerful prediction models provide big data analytics and visualized graphs which allow you to gain deep insights from.

No More Tiresome Works, say Hi to Friendly Interface

Our complete and convenient one stop service links various data together, enables companies to get rid of tedious tasks of connecting APIs in different formats. Being integrated with everything, you can now focus on data mining and delivering your business.

All the external APIs we provide are all in consistent format and easy to learn. Furthermore, users can access data directly through our restful GUI on website without codes written.

Busy handling different Permissions?

Sometimes managing permissions can be a disaster. When using ApiCake as an organization, companies can easily manage their organization members and their permissions to use each API.

Making Analysis and Predictions fast and easy
Sometimes the hardest part is not accessing data but how to use and analyze the data. Our prediction service is well integrated with external APIs, which contains big data analysis and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, proving professional and useful insights. Processing and analyzing the complicated data is no longer your business!

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